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The “Kenny” section of Eric Schlosser’s “The Most Dangerous Jobs” chapter in “Fast Food Nation” left the biggest impression on me.  After reading Schlosser’s first hand-account of the terrible working conditions that exist in the slaughterhouses, reading the anecdotes about how these conditions have personally affected particular workers solidified how bad those conditions are.  My disgust with the American slaughterhouses system continued to grow as I continued to read workers’ testimonies.    I was even more upset by the lack of any mention of lawsuits that these suffering workers brought against their slaughterhouses.  I come from a family of many lawyers from New York and am therefore not naïve to the very litigious times we currently live in.  However, until I read these stories, I did not realize what a privilege it was to be able to bring forth these lawsuits.  Clearly, these workers do not have the money or time to take on a lawsuit against such big companies.  Seeing the good the lawyers in my family are able to do for their clients made hearing the workers’ stories even more troublesome, because I know how much they deserve.  Schlosser’s “The Most Dangerous Jobs” demonstrates how how serious of a change is needed in American slaughterhouses in order to protect its workers.  More serious unions must be implemented in order to ensure a safer worker environment for workers’ protection.

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