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This article really took me by surprise. I thought that hunger was a past issue in America and I’m actually very shocked to find out that this problem still exists. I think this is because often time, we see hunger depicted as a third-world problem. I’ve never seen a picture or any form of media that show an American child being hungry while pictures of starving African children are all over the media and I think that this is a bit of a problem. I think there needs to be more awareness of hunger being a problem in America as well since alot of Americans (including me) take food for granted because we think that it’s a right we have as citizen of a well-developed nation and that everyone in America is getting at least enough food everyday when in reality, there actually are Americans that aren’t getting enough nutrients because they can’t afford to eat adequately.

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  1. corriegoldberg says:

    I wrote my final paper on the growing Hunger epidemic America is currently faced with. Evidently, America’s problem is not a lack of food like it is in many third world countries, but instead is that the growing poverty has limited over 50 million Americans’ access to this food. Although charitable food programs have been attempting to fight hunger, American hunger will not be rectified until the government saves the economy and creates jobs that provide livable wages for all Americans. To do this, I agree with that there needs to be more of an awareness of hunger. What’s more, people should be more aware that instead of the government trying to protect the well-being of its citizens, they are cutting welfare programs and continually decreasing the grants they provide to charitable food programs. The more that Americans’ bring this issue to light, the more likely they will be to influence policy change and finally began a real fight against hunger.

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