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Good news and bad news. Salmonella cases have dropped 9% this year as compared to the past three year period in which cases were reported. The bad news, there has been a 75% increase in the food illness, vibrio infection, which is found in uncooked shellfish. With summer approaching, oyster season is coming. Yet, with such a substantial increase food illness caused by eating oysters, I would be careful before you order this summertime treat. Food poisoning is definitely a serious concern, with one in every six Americans contracting food poison every year. This year, there was also an increase in the amount of campylobacter infections reported. This is the second most common foodborne illness and is caused by eating chicken and dairy products. As consumers, it is sometimes hard to control our immunity to food poisoning, but I would advise to stay away from oysters! Check out the link for more information.




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  1. corriegoldberg says:

    After reading this post, I was immediately reminded of Kevin’s law. As we saw in Food Inc., Kevin’s Law involved the fight to introduce a law that would shut down slaughterhouses which produced contaminated meat. This law was proposed after a 2 year old boy was killed after eating a hamburger that was contaminated with ecoli. While I am thankful for the warning to stay away from uncooked shellfish this summer, I am disappointed that this was the first time I am hearing about this potential danger. If the death of 2 year old Kevin taught us anything, it is that there needs to be an open dialogue between the people who are producing and distributing food and those who are consuming it. This is our health at stake, and consumers must be aware of all the possible consequences that may come with ingesting a certain food.

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