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Mad or Hangry?



The more recently popular word “hangry” is used to describe that un-ignorable irritated feeling when you are hungry, and the ensuing havoc you wreak on everyone around you. This experiment studied how being hungry affected a couple’s aggression toward their significant others using 107 recruited couples. By cross comparing glucose levels every night with how many voodoo pins they were willing to stick into a doll that resembled their mate, the researchers were able to measure “hangry” their subjects were.

Can this study be taken seriously when there are SO many other varying factors that could make someone more angry at their spouse? It seems so, because they adjusted for relationship satisfaction. Also, I am a firm believer in a good meal’s ability to easily improve my mood.

3 Responses to “Mad or Hangry?”

  1. sjksjk says:

    I do see how being hungry can affect the body’s chemical levels and increase aggression. However, I have so many problems with this “experiment.”
    How can the number of pins in a voodoo doll measure a person’s anger? Rather, they could have taken data of the levels of epinephrine, adrenaline, or observed their responses to a questionnaire. I do think the blasting sound was a clever method.
    I also believe that full stomach can improve a mood, but also sitting down and having a meal with someone can improve your relationship as well. I feel like they could further explore the chemical effects of being hungry, as well as the psychological effects of sharing a meal with someone.

  2. llituchy says:

    I have definitely experienced that myself and my family members tend to become quicker to anger when we’re hungry. I have always thought it was a commonly accepted side effect of being hungry! Yet the reason the scientists in this study measured hunger is because they were measuring the effects of self-control on aggression. The idea from this study is if you have enough self-control, you won’t become as angry with your spouse. They considered eating as a way of fulfilling your need to remain in control. While there is clearly a link between hunger and aggression, the study is marketed to be on hunger and aggression when really it is testing self-control on aggression levels and hunger is just the method they used to confirm self-control.

  3. leahlanghans says:

    I believe that hanger is a thing. I found this experiment a but laughable, but it did make some interesting points. The affects of self-control on aggression and then the complimentary effects of hunger on aggression were tested. I found the variables they used a bit imprecise, but the concept that they were after is an interesting one. I think hunger affects our mood in ways that we often don’t realize. I myself have found myself saying some mean or uncalled for things when I’m hungry. I think it is the state of hunger and the environment that you are in though that have the biggest impact on aggression.

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