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Edible Institute in NYC

This May in New York City, Edible Communities, a network of local food magazines across America, will host a 2-day event discussing and celebrating the local food movement.  Both days feature talks, panels, opportunities to explore the city and network.

It’s interesting hearing about this after McMillan’s experience in New York. Through her story of Vanessa and time at Applebee’s, she made it sound that produce is hard to find in the city.  This could be another example of the effect of location and income on access that she discussed in her conclusion.  While some people can afford to eat locally and go to this event, others have fewer options.

A big part of the conference is discussing ways to decrease food waste. I’m curious if any of the solutions involve increasing the access to this food.

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  1. jlvan says:

    Probably one of the most interesting aspects of New York is its foodie culture, at least in my opinion. Manhattan has an extremely diverse range of all different kinds of foods from pretty much anywhere you can think of. I think that’s why it’s important to take note of this relationship between food and geography. If you’re walking around Chinatown, cheap, fresh produce is easy to find. But if you’re on the outskirts of town in poorer neighborhoods, that is where you’ll find less diversity in food options and quality, and perhaps an Applebees or two. This fact that this event will occur in center city is no surprise, and it isn’t hard to believe that the same city can have rougher patches and/or cheaper rent.

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