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Brubaker Dairy Farm

We have got a lot of insight on the negative conditions and qualities of the meat, fruit, and vegetable farming industry, but I just wanted to share some info on what seems like the other end of the spectrum.

I have been at this confectionary conference and had a chance to visit a Pennsylvania dairy farm called Brubaker Dairy Farm(here is a little clip with more info). From what I saw at the farm and heard from the owner and from the presentation he made at the conference, it is a nice contrast to what we have seen in class in terms of farm conditions.

The cows are treated pretty well(as far as cows go), they practice sustainable farming methods and have an anaerobic digester to produce manure as well as power, and they pay their workers well and give them good benefits. The conditions on the farm were open to the public and there aren’t a lot of secrets, which I just thought was cool to see after such ridiculous conditions in meat supplier industries.

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