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The attached Huffington Post article describes a recent bill trying to get companies to label products that contain GMO’s. While this has been a topic widely discussed in class, I though that this article was of particular interest due to the emphasis on certain aspects of the debate. The author of the article lists many negative effects of GMO’s, while disregarding the fact that in the majority of cases (if not all) they are harmless. I believe that this promotes the general consensus of frightened consumers, instead of providing scientific evidence that can help educate the public.

At the same time, the article mentions that corporations like Monsanto are adamantly fighting against the required labeling. While I can understand why they are opposed to such a system, I feel like their opposition adds fuel to the fire. If they know that GMO’s are safe and actually beneficial, then they should be doing their part to advertise this fact. Because this is not the case, it makes me wonder whether the opposition of these large companies is implying some hidden information.

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