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Death on the Farm

This week I came across an interesting article that was the headline of Newsweek entitled “Death on the Farm.” I was intrigued when I read the line under the title: “farmers are a dying breed, in part because they’re killing themselves in record numbers.” This article looks at suicide rates on farms around the world and demonstrates how it is rising as an international crisis. In France, there is a suicide every two days from someone working on a farm. The reasons for doing so are in line with some things we talked about in class such as very minimal pay, long hours, and working at young ages. However, another interesting point raised by this article is the desolation and isolation of many farms. This type of lifestyle is not fitting for everyone and can lead many into severe depression, the article asserts.


I really encourage everyone to read this article. It has a lot of important information and looks at various points we have not covered in class or read in “Eating Right in America.” Here is the article: http://mag.newsweek.com/2014/04/18/farmer-suicide-farming.html



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