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This week all over my Google Health homepage, I found the word “chocolate” in a lot of headlines. One article in particular is from Forbes entitled “Can Chocolate in a Pill Boost Heart Health?” This topic always interests me because chocolate seems to either have a stigma of being really bad for you or beneficial for assisting heart health.

This article tells about a really interesting study that will be conducted to test what it really is in chocolate that may be very beneficial and how much. The test will give capsules containing concentrated amounts of cocoa flavanols, the bio-active chemicals in cocoa beans, to 18,000 adults (DiSalvo). The participants will take two capsules containing large amounts of this cocoa every day for four years. Over these years, participants’ heart health will be monitored to observe if this large dose provides different outcomes compared to other studies where participants receive smaller doses.

After reading this part of the article, I was a little curious about how safe this will be. Then the article states, “To ingest the same amount of cocoa flavanols as the study participants would require eating almost five bars of dark chocolate a day” (DiSalvo).

To me, there are some ethical issues here. Four years of eating five candy bars a day…That is a ton! What do you think about this? Could the results be worth what could happen to the wellbeing of the participants?

Find the article here: http://www.forbes.com/sites/daviddisalvo/2014/03/17/can-chocolate-in-a-pill-boost-heart-health/

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  1. leahlanghans says:

    This sounds like it is going to be a really interesting study. I think the fact that they are following the same (18,000!!) people for four years will give them a real chance to notice any major health changes in participants.
    I understand how you could see that there are some ethical issues here. When you think about the amount of cocoa flavanols in terms of candy bars, five chocolate bars is definitely daunting, and that can’t possibly be good for one’s health. However, I don’t think that the pills the study participants will be taking are similar to candy bars. These pills are purely the cocoa flavanols, so the actual candy part (the sugar, the milk or cream, and the butter) is not there. It seems as though they are purely testing the affects of the flavonols on heart health. It will be interesting to see what they find!

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