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Corrie Goldberg-Debunking Diet Soda’s Role in Weight Gain Myth

Since it has the word “diet” in it, it would be safe to assume that Diet soda wouldn’t cause weight gain, right?  Surprisingly, this assumption is not that simple.  Results from a recent popular web browser research concluded that 49 of the first 50 hits from searching “soda” and “weight” feature stories about the risk of weight gain that diet soda drinkers are subjecting themselves to1.  The myth that the artificial sweeteners used in Diet Soda beverages cause weight gain can be traced back to published research results such as the widely referenced  “San Antonio Heart Study.” However, are the results from a few studies enough to classify diet soda’s role in increased weight gain as fact? I found much more convincing evidence that shows diet soda does not have any role in causing weight gain.  This evidence includes studies and reviews published in journals such as Nutrition Bulletin and the International Journal of Obesity that suggest not only that there is no evidence between artificial sweeteners and weight gain but also that there is in fact a relationship between artificial sweeteners and weight loss.  Overall, existing evidence proves more strongly that artificial sweeteners do not cause weight gain.

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