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I stumbled upon an interesting article that pertains to what we were talking about a few weeks ago with nutrition during war times. This article is from a site called The Amazing Truth and it shows pictures of typical meals for soldiers from different countries around the world. It’s really cool. One thing I didn’t think about too much while reading for class is the factor of food presentation. Every single one of the meals shown here is put into individual bags. I wasn’t expecting buffet style service, but perhaps I imagined more of an airline-type meal presentation. I wonder how much the look of food actually affects how much a soldier eats. I know they can’t be picky, but it’s hard to imagine how living on some of these things for months on end couldn’t affect their performance.

Question for classmates: What are some differences you see in the meals? – perhaps cultural, nutritional, portion size….

Take a look at the article here: http://www.amusingtruth.com/the-lunch-of-war/



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