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As the obesity epidemic remains a big issue, the Obama Administration has proposed a new look for the nutrition label that we see on all of our food. Some of the changes include a massive font size for the calories, more realistic serving sizes for ice cream and soda, and a separate section for added sugar.

The article gives a link that has a link to a study showing a significant relationship between a large sugar intake to increased CVD mortality. It also discusses the new knowledge we have about how vitamin and fat consumption affects our health. I think the changes are important since we have so much more information on how food affects our health, even though a lot of studies are not totally conclusive. More realistic serving sizes also will give people a more realistic idea of what they are eating. It might not have a real impact at all on the obesity issue, however the outdated nutrition label was still an important issue to address.

2 Responses to “Nutrition Label Gets an Upgrade”

  1. ateodore says:

    I believe this upgrade is a great idea. It is long overdue that serving sizes be changed to a more realistic amount. That way the nutritional information people look at well more accurately reflect what they are likely to eat. Hopefully, this will help people better manage what they are eating. Maybe this could also help people who want to lose weight by making it easier to tell what they are likely getting from the food they eat like how much fat or sugar. Additionally, this would make it easier for people who have diabetes who have to control sugar, by saving them confusing and time consuming calculations.

  2. my_nguyen says:

    I really like this new proposed nutrition label, especially the enlargement of calories and the 1 cup serving size because I think it’s just the easier ways to access nutritional knowledge. I think a lot of people don’t even bother looking at nutrition label when they buy food but if the calories number is so big, it would just pop out and consumers can’t help but to notice it. In terms of serving size, like the article mentioned, half-cup of serving size is way to small and no one wants to have to pull out a calculator when they go grocery shopping to calculate how much calories they’re actually going to eat. Therefore, it would be a lot more helpful if the serving size is closer to what people would actually eat.
    I also think the section for added sugar is a great idea. I read that since we are so obsessed about fat, we are forgetting that sugar also plays an important role in the obesity epidemic. As the article mentioned, there are many studies that are linking excessive use of sugar with heart disease. So I think it’s a great idea to list added sugars because natural sugars in fruit and vegetables aren’t bad for you, they’re actually essential to your health. It’s the added sugar, such as sweeteners that are unhealthy (1).

    (1) http://www.health.com/health/article/0,,20637702,00.html

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