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Declining Obesity Rates

This is an interesting article relevant to today’s class discussion. Surprisingly, obesity rates are dropping among children ages 2-5. Rates are decreasing by 5.5%. Another interesting fact is that the study conducted to prove this was published in the same medical journal as the “30,000 extra deaths” journal (JAMA). This study encourages an optimistic future due to the fact that, “a big part of a child’s obesity risk is establish by age 5.” This article suggests that the decline could be due to the government’s efforts to decrease obesity through Michelle Obama’s Lets Move! campaign, the USDA’s new rules for school lunches, and the USDA’s new “My Plate” food pyramid. Check out the link for more information.


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  1. kirho says:

    This is really interesting considering the documentary we watched which suggested that a person’s risk for obesity is largely due to their genes and how many fat cells they have. This is a good sign for the future, since children with more fat cells are more likely to be overweight in the future because those fat cells never go away. It is the fat in the cells that can be burned. It seems that Michelle Obama’s campaign has made a difference, taking preventative measures, revamping school meals and increasing physical activity at a young age to prevent the development of more fat cells. At the same time, since it is suggested that genes are a huge part of predicting weight for individuals, once could argue that her campaign has done nothing. Maybe people are just naturally becoming thinner, just as heart disease has decreased with little to no scientific evidence explaining why.

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