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This article talks about the difference between pleasure eating and eating to fulfill hunger, which I though is an interesting topic after reading about the alternative food movement that was describe in the book Eating Right in America. The study in the article shows that there are 2 different types of chemical associated when it comes to eating. One is the Ghelin hormone, which stimulates hunger and one is 2-AG, which triggers the reward system. It turns out that when you eat yummy food, your 2-AG increases and you would want to eat more. In a way, pleasure eating is similar to taking drugs because it gives your brain this “happiness feeling” and you would just want more and more of it and I think this is what the alternative food movements were referring to when they said that fast food is false pleasure because it’s tricking your brain into “feeling happy”, which is why fast food is bad for you because it would cause you to overeat.

However, after reading this article, I don’t think it’s fair to attack certain food group, for example to say that fast food will cause you to overeat because one, not everyone finds fast food to be tasty and two, there are definitely other food out there that are a lot tastier than fast food. So based on the ground that tastier food will be more likely to cause overeating, eating fast food will have different effects on people depending on whether or not they find fast food to be healthy.

Then again, this presents problem to researchers that are attacking obesity epidemic because we currently think that overeating is one of the major cause of obesity. But if we can’t figure out what specific make us overeat (since anything that taste good to the individual can cause overeating), then figuring out cure for obesity epidemic might be a lot more challenging than we think.

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