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Check out this parody made by organic producers showing how FDA approves “natural food”. Even though I don’t pay a whole lot of attention to what’s natural and what not, I think it’s a human tendency to give food with “natural” labels more credits and trust that the FDA do a decent job of regulating what’s natural and what’s not (I know I did). It’s kind of scary how loose the rules and regulations of approving natural food are seeing how the FDA doesn’t even have the official definition of natural on their website. This made me think about 2 options: one is not even the FDA knows what’s natural and what’s not and two is the FDA are trying to fool Americans by being very vague about the definition of natural. After finishing the video, I’m more convinced that it’s the second option where the FDA just keeps giving all the companies approval just so they can earn some side benefits. Personally, I don’t think that natural food is necessarily healthier food (I actually think genetically modified food might be better because the whole point of research is to find alternative that’s better for you so why would scientists go through all the research only to give us food that’s worse for us). I think this issue of loose regulation has a more political affect than just the food system. To me, it’s not about the eating habit but it’s more of a trust issue. If the government is lying to me about what I’m eating, what else would they lie about?


Side note, my favorite part about the video is when the guy made the joke that combining genes of bug killing bacteria with corn make the product 200% natural. That just means that’s GMO is twice as healthy for you!

Link: http://www.nydailynews.com/life-style/health/video-pokes-fun-natural-organic-food-debate-article-1.1611706

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  1. kirho says:

    I agree with you that natural is not necessarily better for you than unnatural GMOs and I think that in a perfect world, people could inform themselves about what it is they’re paying for and eating and the labels would do nothing. However, I’m not sure that the government is purposefully trying to lie to us about what we’re eating. It’s just hard to define natural on food products because everything is processed to be sold in stores. Personally, I think they should just get rid of the natural label because all food is processed, unless you are picking vegetables straight out of your own garden. But even then you have to use pesticides and other chemicals to farm them, which are not natural to the earth.

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