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In March 2013, Whole Foods began a campaign that strives to label foods that contain GMOs. Many of the articles we have read claimed that GMOs are not proven to be dangerous to your health, and even have environmental benefits. While Whole Foods does include a list of ways to avoid GMOs, the main point of this campaign is to keep its customers informed on what they are eating. On the Whole Foods website, it gives unbiased facts about GMOs. Whole Foods doesn’t necessarily say if they are good or bad, but they do provide people with the information to form an opinion. I think this is a good idea because it allows the customer decide for themselves whether or not they want to eat GMOs based on whichever side of the argument they choose to identify with.


3 Responses to “Whole Foods to Label GMO products”

  1. jfratkin says:

    While I think it is a fair idea to label products with the way they were produced(such as made with GMOs, cage-free, etc), I think these labels should be reserved for methods that are scientifically proven to be better or worse for you. Piling on labels for farming methods that aren’t necessarily proven to change the health or environmental factors for the food can just make shopping for groceries a headache. The Whole Foods website’s list for ways to avoid GMOs makes me think you need to go into a grocery store with an entire list of labels and rules just to buy food that fits a person’s exact preferences. It is tough to decide what deserves to be labeled and what does not, but I think it would be worth narrowing down exactly what methods are affecting the consumer’s health as well as the environment.

  2. ateodore says:

    I also agree that what Whole Foods is doing is a great idea because it allows people to make the decision whether or not to consume GMO’s on their own. They are not unknowingly eating them. This fact that some such products are not labeled may be the cause of much of the fear and apprehension people have about GMO products. I think this would be a good idea for more companies to began doing so people can be educated on what they are really eating and make informed choices. However, I do see that many companies that are producing GMO products will view this as a great potential risk. They will be worried that people will not buy their food once it is truly labeled.

  3. laurenspiel says:

    I think it is fair for whole foods to label their products. It is an unbiased way for consumers to be aware of what is in their products, so those who do not want to consume GMO’s can avoid them. But, at the same time this could raise other issues for people who do not even know what GMO’s are. This could make consumers stay away from products with GMO’s even if they have no idea what they are. Overall, I do think this is a good idea for Whole Foods because those who want to stay away or want to know what is in their food have the opportunity to. In general, I think the population as a whole needs to be more informed of what GMO’s are.

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