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Over winter break, my family went to Cabo which is in the Baja Peninsula of Mexico. One of the most famous restaurants in the Cabo area is a place called Flora Farms. It is in an extremely sketchy area out of the way of all main roads and you have to take dirt roads to get there. However, it is one of the most popular restaurants and celebrities frequently are spotted there (I literally walked past Leonardo DiCaprio on the way to the bathroom!!!)

What’s unique and special about Flora Farms though is that they grow all their own fruits, vegetables, chickens, and pigs on site that are used in their dishes. They boast about their sustainable practices of never using GMO’s or pesticides. The animals are all allowed to roam free, never being given hormones or antibiotics and they are slaughtered humanely. In addition to the restaurant, Flora Farms has a farmer’s market where you can buy some of the fresh produce they harvest themselves as well as freshly baked bread.

Based on what we have talked about in class, this seems like the kind of idea that locavores would live for. It has all the romanticized elements of eating local plus it’s super trendy so it makes even Leonardo DiCaprio feel a little bit greener. While these types of restaurants are not possible everywhere, if even a few more restaurants tried to be self sufficient and sustainable the way Flora Farms is, it would be a step in the right direction.

I recommend you check out Flora Farm’s website to learn more about them. And if you ever go to Cabo you MUST try this place!



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